Simple and Easy to Use

  • Each screen has been carefully designed for ease-of-use.
  • Simple to configure, with finer-grained control available when required.

Advantages over PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Sample Papers

  • No need to mark it, the results are automatically generated.
  • Advanced ways to analyse your progress through statistics.
  • A huge number of different tests.
  • Customisable to target the areas you really need.

Unbeatable PRINCE2 Foundation Question Bank

  • Over 1,000 questions with answer rotation and shuffling (for over 35,000 unique question and answer combinations).
  • Each question reviewed by accredited PRINCE2 Trainers.
  • Full coverage of the PRINCE2 syllabus.
  • Individual tests comprise questions from the bank, for a huge number of possible test combinations.
  • Feedback and background information provided to place each question into context.

In-Test Features

  • Easy 'hover to highlight, click to answer' interface.
  • Jump to any question in the test (if enabled).
  • Simple at a glance view of unanswered questions.
  • Remaining test time clearly displayed.
  • Pause a test at any time (if enabled).
  • End a test and view results at any time.
  • Leave a test part-completed and return at a later date (if enabled).

Test Configuration Options

  • Name your quiz for easier identification.
  • Quickstart mode, offering tests with the most common options.
  • Select the duration for your test.
  • Choose the number of questions in the test.
  • Nominate a pass mark.
  • Choose whether the test can be paused.
  • Decide whether an answer can be changed once given.
  • Select whether to receive feedback on your answer immediately or at the end of the test.
  • Choose whether the questions must be answered in order (no jumping).
  • Choose the percentage of questions in each category (e.g. Quality, Planning).

Advanced Statistics

  • Full breakdown of question, answer given and correct answer.
  • Feedback for each question explaining the context and reasoning behind the correct answer.
  • Percentage of answers correct, on a per quiz or per category basis.

Features Coming Soon...

  • Quizical is ever evolving, with new features being added regularly.
  • Feedback-driven, so if there's something you'd like to see, get in touch!
  • No upgrade fees - benefit from the latest release for as long as you have a subscription.
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