Setting up a Quiz

Quizical is unique in the flexibility it offers when creating multiple-choice tests. Either choose one of the standard quizzes (such as 'PRINCE2® Foundation Mock Exam') or personalise your own quiz with a range of options. For example:

  • the number of questions in the quiz and the pass mark;
  • the time allowed to complete the quiz;
  • the percentage of questions from each category (e.g. Risk, Controlling a Stage etc.);
  • when answer feedback is given (during the test or at the end).

Using the many test options, you can configure quizzes of different lengths and styles. For example, you can set up a quiz that focuses on the areas you find more difficult, or an exam simulation to prepare you for the real examination. And because Quizical: PRINCE2 Foundation Edition stores all of your test settings, you can configure a different quiz for each need. Each time you take the quiz, Quizical will generate a unique set of questions.

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