Taking a Quiz

The Quizical: PRINCE2® Foundation Edition test environment has been designed to be clear and intuitive to use. You are presented with a question and a number of options. Just click on the appropriate option to select your answer.

If you have set up the quiz to give immediate feedback, a message will appear on screen to say whether the answer is correct or not, along with a PRINCE2 2009 Official Manual page reference to the correct answer. If you have chosen not to receive immediate feedback, then this information is available at the end of the quiz from the Statistics area.

There are also lots of useful features to help you during a quiz, including the:

  • Quiz Navigation Bar - that allows you to easily move around the questions and even quick-jump directly to any question.
  • Visual Progress Indicator - that lets you know exactly how much of the quiz you have completed.
  • Quiz Timer - that shows you the remaining time available.

At any time you can skip questions and come back to them later, or simply go back at the end and review all your answers before submitting your completed quiz. If you need to take a break, just pause the quiz and resume it when you're ready.

Use the navigation controls to continue through the Tour and learn about Analysing Your Performance.

Quizical Dialog